Sex Crimes

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Conviction of a sex crime can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Experienced sex crimes attorney, Mark Jackson, will fight for you to protect your future.

Conviction of a sex crime can mean mandatory prison time and a lifetime of registration as a sexual offender or as a sexual predator. Sex crimes are the only type that allow the state to announce your history to everyone in a geographical area. Conviction of a sex crime can limit where you work, live, and even where you can visit. You need the experienced sex crimes attorney at Mark Jackson Defense Law, P.A.

Mark Jackson has handled numerous sex-related cases and has the technical experience and knowledge to defend you in the face of these devastating charges.

Sex crimes are unique, in that the allegation is often built on the testimony of one or two people. Sometimes law enforcement collects DNA from near an alleged victim. It is essential to have an experienced Lake County sex crimes lawyer look into how evidence was gathered, how it was tested, and who tested it.

If you are asked to speak with a detective, ask for a lawyer immediately. Law enforcement is not there to help you in this instance, they are building a case to arrest you. You have the right to remain silent and it is important that you exercise that right.

Sex crime charges are serious. The following is a list of some common sex crimes.

  • Sexual assault
  • Traveling to meet a minor
  •  Possession of child porn
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Capital Sexual Battery
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