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If your child is facing juvenile criminal charges in Lake County, Sumter County, or the surrounding Central Florida area, contact Mark Jackson Defense Law, P.A. Skilled representation is crucial in protecting your son or daughter’s future.

Many children are charged in connection with fights and burglary. Often times, juvenile arrests are for assault and battery, associated with a schoolyard fight. This type of charge should not result in your child being sent away to a detention facility.

Mark Jackson will work to have the charges dropped or the sentence reduced.

At Mark Jackson Defense Law, P.A., every effort is made to keep children at home with their family. Juveniles under the age of 18, accused of committing a crime, are handled by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, which is separate from the adult criminal justice system.

Juvenile court is different and should be handled by an attorney familiar with these procedures.

Parents play an important role in juvenile cases. They are required to be in court and can be on the hook for costs in the child’s case. Juveniles are arrested just like adults, but are taken to a special youth jail. Juveniles can be charged with any crime, from drug possession and DUI to gun crimes and burglary.

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Depending on the charge, juveniles can normally be accepted into a diversion program for their first arrest. Diversion can be thought of as a form of probation. However, if a case is more serious, the state may choose to make a “direct file” and treat your child as an adult.

If a case is direct filed by the State Attorney’s Office, the child now faces adult penalties and time in adult prison.

Juvenile Crimes Attorney Mark Jackson, will work hard to protect your child and keep him or her from being charged as an adult.

Youthful Offenders Can Avoid Adult Penalties

Florida has a special for “youthful offenders”. This process treats youths up to 21 years old similarly to juveniles. The State can allow these youthful offenders to avoid the normal adult penal system when:

  • They are at least 18 years of age or who has been transferred to the criminal division of the circuit court under chapter 985.
  • Have plead guilty or nolo contendere, or have been found guilty of a felony, if the crime was committed before the age of 21.
  • Have not previously been designated as a youthful offender.

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