Bond Reduction

Lake County, Sumter County, and the surrounding Central Florida area Bond Reduction Lawyer

Mark Jackson, available 24/7, will take your call anytime to be ready to make an argument for a reasonable bond or a bond reduction at your 1st appearance.

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Lake County, Sumter County, or the surrounding Central Florida area, the first priority is release from jail.

When a person is arrested they will see a judge within 24 hours. It is imperative to call the experienced bond reduction attorney at Mark Jackson Defense Law, P.A. as soon as possible, so that he may attend this “first appearance”. 

The first 24 hours are critical to someone’s future.

Benefits of Hiring Mark Jackson

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The purpose of this first appearance before a judge is for a determination as to whether probable cause exists for further detention and to set bond.

An experienced criminal defense attorney is needed at the first appearance to provide argument that the judge set a reasonable bond. 

If bond is already set, a motion can be filed and the case can be brought before the court to address the reasonableness of that bond.  Many times, a person expends all of his or her resources on a bond and leaves no money to hire a lawyer.

Think carefully before exhausting all of your resources.

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Getting you out of jail is priority number one. Fighting a case from the outside is critical to achieving the best result possible. Contact experienced criminal trial lawyer, Mark Jackson, to ensure your freedom is protected.