Violation of Probation

Attorney in Lake County, Sumter County, and the Surrounding Central Florida Area, Handles Violations of Probation.

Mark Jackson is experienced in defending violation of probation cases. A no bond status is given in most VOP’s; my first priority is to get you out of jail.

Probation is often part of a sentence when someone enters a plea. If a term of probation is alleged to have been violated, the same penalties you faced in the original charge are back on the table. If the maximum sentence was 15 years originally, that same 15 years is what you are facing again, even on the most minor of violations.

The State only has to convince the judge that you violated one condition beyond the “preponderance of the evidence”. Preponderance of the evidence simply means that the judge believes, more likely than not, a term of probation was violated.

A person does not get a jury to decide, no reasonable doubt standard, just a judge and a low standard of proof for the state to meet. An experienced probation violation attorney can help maneuver through this area of the law.  

Fighting for your freedom in a VOP hearing should normally be used as a last resort. Therefore, it is critical to have an attorney well versed  in plea negotiations with the State Attorney’s Office.

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The experienced violation of probation attorney at Mark Jackson Defense Law, P.A. has handled several hundred “VOP” cases and is ready to help. If a warrant for violation of probation is filed, chances are you will be held on no bond. No bond means you can’t get out of jail.

Mark Jackson will address this quickly and work fast to ask for a reasonable bond, when appropriate.

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A probation violation case needs the attention of an experienced criminal law attorney. Call Mark Jackson at (352) 630-9731, do not delay, he can get you in front of a judge regarding a bond review.