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When you are arrested for Domestic Battery you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will thoroughly review all aspects of the case.

Law enforcement officers often make a decision to arrest based on the word of one party. 

It can seem as though any time an officer responds to a disturbance at a residence, someone is taken to jail.

The experienced domestic violence attorney at Mark Jackson Defense Law, P.A. will methodically investigate all issues present in your domestic violence case.

Police conduct will be examined, witness statements will be reviewed, additional evidence will be collected, and witnesses will often be re-interviewed.

A domestic battery conviction can have far reaching and devastating consequences.

If you are convicted of battery, you can be considered a risk to possible employers and also be prevented from participating in certain activities.

Further, your ability to purchase a firearm could be in jeopardy.

If you have been arrested and currently have a “no contact” condition of your release, we may be able to ask the court to lift this condition of release.

If you are convicted of domestic battery in Florida it is mandatory to participate in a 26-week batterer’s intervention course.

You will be required to attend classes every week; this can be a financial burden. 

There are several reasons one can be removed from the program, including excessive absences and failure to participate.

Removal from the program will likely result in a violation of probation, which will almost certainly mean staying in jail until the violation case is resolved.

If the charges are reduced, the necessity to complete this 26-week class is no longer mandatory.

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